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Medium Field NMR

Picture of the NMR laboratory

Welcome to the Medium Field NMR Data Server. NMR data run on the AV400 and AV(3)400 can be accessed from this server. Data from the AV600 not run by IconNMR is accessed from the AV600 website.

Instructions for use

Before you can run samples you need to fill out a service form and attend training in using the NMR equipment. Please also read these notes on using the spectrometers.

Downloading data

Please select the spectrometer you want data from. You will need a QMUL computing password. When you have collected your data use the logout link to exit the server.

  • The Bruker AV600 (IconNMR) Spectrometer AV600
  • The Bruker AV400 Spectrometer AV400
  • The Bruker AVIII 400 Spectrometer AVIII 400

Once you have downloaded your data you will need to un-zip it before it can be opened with suitable NMR processing software. You will find links to such software here.
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